· 12 Sep

Hello there! We hope you like the share on Teskale plugin. Would you like to add it to your site? http://teskale-sm.com/developers/

One thing I can't do here chat, another small problem so I go to the side menu sometimes it doesn't work, the like function sometimes doesn't work either. The script is beautiful identical to the official Twitter I hope good updates. @robert @mert



· 28 Aug

We applied another skill that Mert sent to the demo site. Now you can like a post you like or support by clicking ❤️ and you can withdraw your like at any time. Test it out by liking this post.



· 28 Aug

Our first priority will be some improvement for the messaging part that Mert does. We need to cultivate the messaging space.



· 24 Aug

Hello everyone! I want to share an important detail. Please read the content of this tweet in detail! Thank you from now.



· 23 Aug

@mert when are we going to get messages, ads, hashtags in posts, tagged list in posts, who to follow on side bar should only show a few as we can scroll to see the rest

@mert are we getting the PWA feature anytime soon...



· 15 Aug

Hello, we would like to clarify an issue that we receive a lot of e-mails. We are not currently working on it, but in the future, this script will support push notifications. We will start working on it soon.

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