Advertising on Teskale

Solutions to help you achieve your business goals

Reach your potential customers

Promote your posts so people who haven't started following you yet read your posts

Get more followers

Quickly grow your community of high-value followers and get word of mouth out by promoting your account

Measure results in real time

Watch your follower base grow and examine how people interact with each individual Post (Coming Soon)

How the system works

Choose your target audience

Reach the right audience by targeting by interests, geography, gender, device or users similar to those of your followers. Plus, maximize your message's relevance by targeting keywords in other people's posts.

Reinforce your message and get it discovered

Reach more people interested in your posts and account.

Pay as much as your advertising budget in your account

Pay only when users follow your account or retweet, like, reply to or click on your Sponsored Post. You have total control. There is no minimum spend requirement and you can start and stop the app at any time.

You can learn more about Teskale Ads and our advertising policies here:help center →